U.S. Embassy Lisbon’s Innovation Initiatives Highlighted in Lisbon

Ambassador Oreck with Undersecretary McHale and Ambassador KatzAmbassador Katz with Undersecretary McHale and Ambassador Oreck

As an active member of the League of Green Embassies, Ambassador Katz hosted Undersecretary McHale and Ambassador Oreck in Lisbon to highlight innovation initiatives of the Mission.

Ambassador Oreck delivered a keynote address at a conference on March 31 entitled Green Campus: Platforms for Developing Best Practices on Energy Efficiency at the Technical University (IST) of Lisbon, which hosts the MIT Portugal Program. The audience included approximately 100 undergraduate and graduate students, university professors, sustainable energy industry representatives, and Portuguese government officials. Under Secretary for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs Judith McHale also spoke at the conference. Other conference speakers included Portuguese university experts, government energy officials, and a representative of Portugal’s energy service company (ESCO).